residentialRJ/A has designed and remodeled over 300 homes over our 40 year experience and would love to assist you with yours.

Residential design is another one of those areas where RJ/A excels. Part of that is in the ability to visualize the client’s dreams and to make them a reality. Rick has extensive experience in residential design and construction. He has designed and built four homes for himself and his family including his latest in Leicester, NC. Rick’s approach is to fit the design to the environment and to make it as energy efficient as possible including orienting the building to take advantage of the sun and the inexpensive energy it provides. His designs range from craftsman to rustic, modern to historic. Give us a try and see what we can do for you on your home. Rick’s experience also includes apartment developments and condominium design. We have worked on Senior housing facilities and adult foster care homes.

Renovation and remodeling is another area where we can be of service to many people. Some have lived in their homes for most of their lives and now the kids are grown and have moved out, what do we do now. “Let’s remodel” is usually the answer, especially for people who love where they live and their house just needs some modification and tweaks to bring them that feel of a new home without the hassle of moving. This seems to be a trend these days and one that we have been at the forefront of.


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