RJ/A is pleased to offer consultations via email, phone or in-person.  The purpose of this step is to answer the question:  What are your needs?

Through a series of questions, we acquire information that helps us understand your overall vision, your project type and purpose, your preferred styles, your preferred time frame and more.  Understanding what you want and need is a priority.  We are here to listen and go above and beyond your expectations!


Preliminary Design

Once we’ve discussed with you your needs and desires for your project, RJ/A produces a preliminary design.  The purpose of this step is essentially to give you a “rough draft” visual of your project.  We take your ideas and put flesh and bones to it, so to speak.  It’s our way of saying, “Is this what you were thinking?”  Preliminary designs are emailed as a PDF.


Refinement of Design

This is the critical step of reviewing in detail your plan and making tweaks so that a final design can be produced.


Renderings (3-D visual of product) –  may or may not be included; dependent upon client or business

These are most commonly provided for clients or businesses in which a design must go before a board, or for which support for funding is needed.  This allows the client to present a realistic visual of the finished project.

See examples here


Construction Document Preparation

Once you have approved your final design, we prepare the actual building construction document so that your idea can become a reality!

Ready to begin?  Contact us to set up a consultation.