retailDesigning for commercial projects is an area where Rick Jack/architect has worked rather extensively. In most cases the customer/ retailer has an idea in mind, but needs to flesh it out. This is where RJA can shine as we are able to visualize the customer’s vision for the type of building appearance they want to represent their “brand.” No two retailers or commercial concerns are the same. They each have their own ideas of what they want to see and we can assist in making those ideas come to fruition.




rjahotnessinblockSome of our clients have been –

Advance Auto Parts – we have prepared drawings for half a dozen different developers for over 600 stores nationwide for this company.

Dollar General  – a growing brand nationwide. Most of our work has been with one developer in North Carolina and Virginia.

Spartan Stores in Michigan – worked with an architect in the construction design for several stores in the late 70’s early 80’s.

blueprints-894779_1920Miscellaneous clients who required a specialized design for an individual store or interior/exterior design:

Automobile dealerships in Georgia – Don-Rich Ford in Villa Rica and Scott Evans Dodge in Carrollton.

Banks – Carrollton Federal Addition, now BB&T in downtown Carrollton.

Funeral Homes – Hoyt Thomas Funeral Home addition and remodeling in Villa Rica, GA and the Carter Funeral Home in Madison, GA.

Wendy’s Restaurant – Carrollton, GA

West Marine stores – Alabama, Mississippi & Michigan

Leather’s Truck Stop – Villa Rica, GA