churchesWe have the ability to take what is being talked about and prepare the picture for the explaining of the vision.  We work with the church and their selected contractor and/or project management team to prepare the necessary information to begin casting the Vision to the congregation to get their support, because that is where the funding for the project is ultimately going to come from, then into the construction drawings and ultimately to the building process itself.

This gallery highlights only a handful of the hundreds of projects Rick Jack has completed over the years in his profession.  If you wish to see more of Rick’s work, we welcome you to contact us.

Christ Cares

christ cares

Kalkaska Church of Christ

Westwood UPC

Park Street Baptist

Maranatha Baptist Church

United Believers Church

Tapestry Community Church

New Light Baptist Church


“… built on the foundation…with Jesus Christ himself being the cornerstone…”

Ephesians 2:20-22