Meet Rick

Rick A. Jack is the principle architect for Rick Jack/architect.   He has been a registered licensed architect since 1988 and has been in the field of architecture since 1973.   Rick is currently registered in 5 states and has been registered in 18 states (including his home state of North Carolina) with associations that allow for practice in all 48 states of the contiguous U.S.  He has been NCARB certified since 1989. Rick has been married to his wife Debra since 1973.  They reside in Sandy Mush Community near Leicester, NC where they designed and built their own log home.  They have two married sons and five grandchildren.  Rick’s wife, Debra, is the Senior Pastor at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in Leicester and Rick serves as Head Elder there. Rick has strong professional architectural design experience in residential, churches, educational facilities, retail/business facilities, office complexes and more – both new construction and restoration/remodeling design.  His experience in the field of architecture began as a draftsman learning the technical aspects of putting together the working drawings necessary for building construction and learning the ins and outs of design from those he worked for.  He also has worked in construction and understands what it takes to get a project from site purchase to certificate of occupancy.

The “Nuts and Bolts” Architect
Rick has been referred to as the “Nuts and Bolts Architect” due his extensive hands-on experience building structures as well as designing them.  His knowledge and experience goes beyond the drawing board to take into account the practical demands of construction .  The reality is – not everything that looks good on paper works on-site.  Rick understands this and is able to produce functional designs.
A Little History
Rick’s interest in architecture began while taking drafting class in high school.  He found that he enjoyed drawing plans and followed that passion to find his niche in architecture.  Rick completed his Associates in Applied Sciences Degree in Architectural Technology at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI.   While working as a draftsman following college, Rick labored alongside architects who were interested in passing along their knowledge.  As a result of their apprenticeship, along with encouragement from his wife, Rick was inspired to take the next step.  In 1988, his dream was realized as he became a licensed and registered architect! In 1989, Rick’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged and Rick Jack/architect was born.  From that, Rick received his NCARB certification which opened the doors to where he is today.   Today, Rick works from his mountain log home office overlooking Early’s Mountain in Leicester, North Carolina. While Rick started drawing on a drawing board with pencil in hand, he now uses current architectural technology to provide optimal architectural results for the customer. However, if you want a pencil drawing for nostalgia’s sake, he may be able to dust off the drawing board once again!  
Enriching Experiences

columndetailbackgroundDuring his years as an architectural draftsman, Rick worked for companies such as McMillen, Palmer & Fritz, Inc. where much of their work was designing schools throughout Michigan.  They also were involved in designing other facilities such as the Grand Rapids Fish Ladder, a fire station for Plainfield Township in Michigan,  and the interpretive center at Howard Christenson Nature Center in Kent City, also in Michigan.

Working then for Robert A. Reid and Associates involved him in the design of apartment complexes, condominiums and the Grand Rapids Owls Hockey Stadium along with various business facilities.

Rick reunited for a time with his mentor, Donald P. Fritz, working on numerous churches, business buildings, doctor’s offices, and facilities for Wolverine World Wide, etc. in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area.

One job opportunity involved him with one of the leading civil engineering firms in West Michigan: Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber.  There, he was involved in wastewater and fresh water treatment facilities, lending some architectural expertise to facilities that could be rather mundane at best.  His experience in detailing structural engineering was also put to use while at FTCH.

1986 found Rick moving south to Georgia to work as a design architect on the staff of  Roy L. Denney, Jr., A.I.A./Southern Engineering where he was a team lead in designing schools, both in renovation/remodeling and new construction.  He also worked on local libraries and bank buildings.  This move was also the motivation to get registered as an architect which he accomplished in 1988 completing the A.R. E. in Wisconsin.

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